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Storing Your Toothbrush Properly!


Germs are everywhere! Start to let your mind wonder, it can become a bit much thinking of all the surfaces we touch on a daily basis, that are covered with germs. 


One of the biggest culprits in the “germ” department is our mouths.  Starting way back when we were babies, one our first instincts was to put things inside our mouth…and even through the toddler years for some.  Back at it again through our childhood sneezing, coughing, and fingers in the mouth begin.  We all know as parents, do our best to teach our little ones to be very careful of germs.

Speaking of germs, a well known fact is that bacteria can grow on toothbrushes after they have been used.  If a wet toothbrush is stored in a closed, dark place it makes the odds of this happening double!


Follow the simple steps to keep germs at a minimum:

                * A wet toothbrush should not be covered.  (Let it air dry).

                *After brushing, wash the toothbrush with clean water to clean any     small pieces of food or remaining toothpaste left on the brush.

                *Do not lie down, store in an upright position, and allow to air dry.   

                *Need to have more than one toothbrush in the same holder, allow a decent amount of space between the brushes so they do not touch.

                *Make sure the toothbrushes are easily distinguishable.

                *Do not let toothbrushes soak in any cleaning product (bleach or any other disinfecting solutions)

                *Do not put toothbrushes in microwaves, dishwashers, or any other thing that disinfects.


If your toothbrush is looking raggedy or it has been about 3 months, replace it with a brand new toothbrush and make sure to throw away the old one.  

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