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Recently my neighbor was working with some of the little ones in the neighbor- hood; of course Halloween is around the corner so every time he turned around, a bowl of jolly ranchers were sitting there.  Ask any dentist around...these are so bad for your teeth.  Not only are they extremely sticky, but also extremely hard!  Two very bad combinations!  Still don’t believe me?  Just ask the neighbor who decided to chew apart that delicious jolly rancher… you guessed it.  He broke his tooth!!

He seemed to almost be sick to his stomach…..fixing a broken tooth was the LAST thing that he needed to deal with.  When it is your mouth, and your teeth you do not want to mess around.  You foot the bill, and get the tooth fixed! 

He doesn’t realize how lucky he was that it was just a piece of the tooth that broke off, and not the root and rest of the tooth. The best option recommended for him, is to have a Crown.

Crowns are the second most common restorative treatments used.  A crown is a cap that covers the tooth. It looks like a normal tooth and is now protected.  If you have a damaged tooth and do not have a crown placed on it, your tooth will not be able to handle the pressure that comes with chewing. Crowns are very strong, and having one placed will prevent you from losing your tooth.  

The best option is crowns created with full porcelain.  This option is natural looking, and it created specifically for your mouth and your tooth. 

When getting a crown anesthesia is first given to make you more comfortable.  (If you have anxiety sedation is always an option to consider as well.)  After the anesthesia is working and you are numb, the tooth has to be prepped.  Some of the tooth’s structure will need to be removed to create room for the crown to be placed on top of the tooth. Once the doctor has prepped the tooth, they will take impression or scan of the tooth.  The impression or scan is sent to the lab and is used to make your crown that will be permanent in your mouth.  Until the one from the lab is done, the dentist will fix you with a temporary crown. 

Once the crown is back from the lab, you will come back into our office to have it cemented in place. 

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