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Storing Your Toothbrush Properly!   Germs are everywhere! Start to let your mind wonder, it can become a bit much thinking of all the surfaces we touch on a daily basis, that... Read More »

Tooth Sensitivity

Quick Ways to Help Reduce Tooth Sensitivity   Most the time at some point in our life, we experience tooth sensitivity.  Usually it is just blamed on what we drink or... Read More »

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Recently my neighbor was working with some of the little ones in the neighbor- hood; of course Halloween is around the corner so every time he turned around, a bowl of jolly ranchers were sitting... Read More »


So many people think it is normal for their gums to bleed when they brush and/or floss their teeth. Sadly, this could not be more untrue. You would be worried if your hands bled every time you... Read More »

Preventive Dental Work Gilbert AZ

Preventative Dentistry In the United States, each year more than 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. Gilbert area dentist, Dana Park Dental, are firmly committed to preventative... Read More »